About Us

Our Founding Story starts with a small boy in his father’s laboratory in New York City. In the meantime, BitWise has grown to a network of global database consultants. 

Digital Toolkit

Do you need help with scripts related to things like Python, SQL, or other aspects of data management? Look no further than the BitWise Toolkit of free & useful code.


While data is what connects bits of information, stories are what connect people. Read real-world examples of out-of-this-world solutions. #CuriousAboutData? Read on!

BitWise is an R&D powerhouse — providing database modelling, design, administration, development and optimization services. We deliver secure, highly scalable, and sophisticated solutions. Thanks to our extensive research, we can offer lower costs and higher efficiency to enterprises as well as small businesses. In fact, we are far more than just service providers. We are a community of knowledge transfer and expertise! BitWise is the advantage of big-scale consulting in a boutique shop.