We tried several options before but none were as successful as BitWise MnM. They demonstrated an exceptional ability to quickly analyze the existing software/hardware situation and delivered a first-rate, cost-effective, scalable solution. I was impressed with their level of skill, dedication and professionalism.
Gul Muhammad
Lead Systems Engineer / Solution Architect, General Electric
Mordechai is a highly skilled IT professional. In my professional career I have never worked with a MS SQL DBA as skilled as Mordechai. He really takes a process from beginning to end. Always following up and taking ownership of the task at hand. It would be a great pleasure to work with Mordechai again one day.
Asa Blum
Manager Infrastructure Operations at SUEZ in North America
Working with BitWise to set up our data entry reporting application was the right decision! We got a reliable, fault tolerant solution and the expert training to allow us to continue independently. I’d hire them again!
Dan Gilbert
Project Manager, Information Builders
Mordechai reminds me of the scene in Matrix when Neo understands he is the one and sees the whole world in a binary form. Mordechai is the Neo of databases.
Gil Slovik
CEO Grinder Digital Content House
Mordechai is one of the best database professionals I have ever met. He is a blend of strategically thinker and elite technical professional. He does not need any wizards; he can write an SQL script for every aspect of data management in MS SQL Server. I rely on him to verify my SQL scripts. There is always something to learn from him. If the SQL script is not a good idea for the solution Mordechai will engage his favorite tool PowerShell! Also he never hesitated to fire up Visual Studio and go step by step through C# and/or F# code to inspect data usage!
Andrei Chabokha
Chief Solutions Architect, Taiga Express
Mordechai sets the bar for database professionals. He is the guy that you want on your team when a database disaster occurs. I have witnessed Mordechai turn potential issues into minor speed bumps in a matter of just a few moments. His T-SQL skills are impeccable as well. No one makes SQL dance like Mordechai. It was a pleasure having him as a boss.
David M
Senior SQL Server Data Warehouse Developer at Gen Re