Digital Toolkit

Would you like to be sipping margaritas on your lunch break because everything is running so smoothly? You may want to try our Toolkit. It is full of immediately useful bits of code. That’s why we’re BitWise.

About our

As a species, homo sapiens is not very distinguished. We’re not the weakest, but we’re certainly not the strongest animals. The only way we’ve come to dominate the Earth is by creation of tools.

In the digital age, the struggle for survival shifted from the fields and forests to server rooms. It’s no longer man vs beast, it’s now humans vs machines. Here too, our tools are essential to our survival.

At BitWise we create many tools. They’re digital tools, of course. We don’t use any special hardware. We write software of various sizes for automating and assisting with many other tasks,  such as backups, restores, database modifications, setting up environments, and even refactoring. All this we want to share with you. 

Why? Because we’re people above all, and we care about other people riding this ball of dirt (a.k.a. our planet). After all, sharing is the most basic human action — and the glue of any society.

Free Tools

Our tools are free to use and have no strings attached. You don’t need to fill out a marketing form to get to them. Just go to our public repository:

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