Every CTO is short on time, under pressure to cater to unrealistic expectations. Yet they always rise to the occasion. Some have an easier time because they found BitWise, others struggle heroically on their own.

BitWise helps you retain your humanity so you don’t get lost in the world of machines. By making sure that there are no database-related emergencies, we give you the space to think, not just react.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Art expresses the idea of efficiency in action, and the great effort that goes into making complex topics approachable. 


Similarly, at BitWise, we put a lot of work into making complex database concepts accessible. Because we also understand systems and applications, BitWise can make your database truly useful.

Founding Story

BitWise’s founder and CEO, Mordechai Danielov, is a product of many interesting experiences in his life. Like the software that he loves to work with, he is not a finished product yet. There are many planned iterations in the near and far future.

One of the most significant experiences he had was being born and raised in Soviet Georgia. It’s a unique country with a collection of cultures that coexist without clashing — and yet do not blend with each other. Exposure to so many cultures led an understanding of how to solve difficult problems by asking the first significant question: “How do others do it?” This is a very important question that introduced the concept of a human kind as a unit. A Gestalt of sorts. Mordechai learned from an early age that complicated problems can be solved more easily by learning from others’ perspectives.

Another big influence was his father: an accomplished scientist, inventor, and a charismatic leader. Growing up in his father’s laboratory, Mordechai learned how to apply the scientific process to real problems, how to create solutions with computers, and how to inspire people to contribute their best.

After moving to New York, Mordechai’s research into how people think and solve problems was taken to the next level. If in Georgia there were representatives of most middle eastern cultures, in NY, the entire world was pressed into few square miles of five boroughs.

With all his love of research, he just didn’t get along with the higher education system. After trying out three different colleges, he dropped out to do something else. It was the early ninetees in NY, and the PC boom was conquering everything. If you had a pulse you could get “a job in computers” (whatever that meant).

Forever a student of anthropology, Mordechai used this opportunity to study corporate America. What does it do right, what does it get wrong? ( … with an emphasis on computing, of course!) During his explorations, he held different roles as an administrator of desktops, servers, networks, databases — and as a developer using different languages ( … not everything at the same time, of course!). Business took him to dozens of cities from coast to coast.

One day, sometime in 2006, he felt that he was ready to start righting the wrongs and making real impact. BitWiseMnM was born to connect directly with clients, and give them the benefit of giant corporations without the drawbacks of bureaucracy — a consistent, smooth business experience that’s a perfect fit for their particular circumstances.

Now we’re a global team of experts, and we’re continuing to grow!
Thanks for reading our Founding Story.

BitWise is headquartered in Long Island, NY.




MORDECHAI founded BitWise in May 2006. His responsibilities as CEO and Chief Database Expert are to implement novel problem-solving solutions for clients and their teams and to #ShareTheBest of clients’ experiences, helping build a community of knowledge transfer and support. With extensive knowledge of logic, relational databases, data lifecycles, and integration of data in various software design patterns, Mordechai enjoys making complicated database administration look easy.



ALEX is a multi-talented individual with great curiosity about just about everything. Upgrades, high availability setups, performance troubleshooting — all of that just rolls (literally) off his fingertips. Specializing in SQL server administration, Alex has a Master’s degree in Computer Science, and has been creating DBA wizardry since 1993.



CHARLES is one of the few account executives out there who has both a technical understanding of customer problems and a logical mind to guide organizations through from their initial inquiry through to successful collaborations. Representing BitWise for many years, Charles is familiar with a wide variety of scenarios and not only provides timely, relevant information, but excellent customer service. If you’ve got questions like: “Can you do this?” and “Have you ever done this?” — Charles has got the answers.


We have a global network of trusted, experienced BitWise contractors. So wherever and whenever you need us, we’ll have an expert ready to help you. No matter if you are experiencing a server crash, or whether you would like to explore large-scale refactoring, we’ve got you covered.