“It’s a crazy world out there. With BitWise training, you can actually enjoy it. Training should be simple, not a circus.” 

— Mordechai Danielov
CEO, Bitwise

Solve real problems in real time.

That’s why education is first and foremost. Not a circus, not boring lectures, but hands-on training that translates into immediate results. The BitWise methods grew out of frustration with existing corporate training we were seeing. Our training is tied to the actual workload — you don’t learn theoretical concepts, you learn how to do your job better. 

Apply skills that are easy to actually execute

Don’t take our word for it, give us a challenge! We’ll take the most difficult student and turn them into a star DBA. We take complex database concepts and make them easily understandable. Sure, you pick up advanced concepts along the way — but you barely notice you’re learning. At BitWise, we offer an individualized approach which ensures understanding. We’re not happy until we’ve verified that a student understands what they’re being taught.

Conduct reliable system maintenance.

Beginners often don’t know what the best way is to approach system maintenance, or what to do when things go wrong. By establishing clear-cut operational procedures, and then training your staff to understand and follow them, you can get the maximum throughput from their effort.

The Accidental DBA

Databases often mystify people. Even the brightest developers can struggle to keep things clean and simple. It doesn’t help that too often system administrators get pushed into database support roles. There’s even a name for it – “The Accidental DBA”. The problem is that their stress levels shoot through the roof, and correspondingly, their productivity leaves a lot to be desired. 

And as far as their problem-solving abilities are concerned, they simply don’t exist. Why? Because they’re accidental DBAs — they have only a shallow understanding of database concepts which translates into great difficulty in solving problems. 

Training seems to be the answer, but with the wrong instructors, it doesn’t always work as intended. Most of it is classroom oriented and is based on a premise that a person wants to sit and listen to a lecture and then go out and try to apply their knowledge. Since at BitWise we strive to be effective in whatever we do, we came up with a different way to transfer our knowledge to your staff (a.k.a. BitWise Training). We actually consulted with educational experts to create a hands-on process that allows a person to acquire and apply knowledge at the same time

Questions about time, scope, or budget?

At BitWise, what we offer is very individual. We’re not selling pre-packaged training. We’re weaving training into daily work. Different concept completely. At BitWise, we like humans — just give us a call!