Advanced Solutions

“As database designers, BitWise can bring to life all sorts of innovative ideas that, for others, may seem too difficult or impractical to implement. With his painting of Newton, William Blake reminds us to draw inspiration and innovation from art — not just science.”

— Mordechai Danielov
CEO, Bitwise

We take complicated things and make them simple.

Database services go beyond server crashes and everyday problems. In fact, often there are underlying problems that clients are largely unaware of, or underestimate. It’s only when they work their way to the surface that they become an issue — and by that point, they usually manifest as costly emergencies.

Combining research with practical field work, we help pinpoint both the opportunities for innovation and how to circumvent disasters in the making — before they happen.

How do I handle terabytes of data? Do I need all of it all the time? Can I mix and match database technologies?

We are building a system that’s expected to handle hundreds of millions of transactions per minute. How do we build it?

Reality is continuous, digital systems are discreet. A recipe for a disaster? Almost. We can help.

Our technical debt is larger than Argentina’s sovereign debt. Unlike Argentina, we don’t have an option to default. What to do?

If we had a dollar for every time we heard a terrible technology decision explained with “We had no other option”. Really, there are other options. That’s why we do all this research. Talk to us.

Some of the advanced problems that we solve

For example, we have clients that require massive T-SQL refactoring — hundreds of stored procedures need to be changed. You can imagine the budget you’d need to tackle such a task. At BitWise we found a solution within just two weeks. 

Or how about a few hundred servers deployed with or without docker images, all of them running a custom version of their application — how to even track of them — not to mention applying schema changes, reference data updates, and so on. BitWise created a Python app that SSH’d (Secure Shell Protocol) into each host, determined if there were docker images running on it, and read the database configuration files for each DB server to make changes as necessary. Easy peasy. 

Relational databases have been around for over 50 years and most people think that there isn’t much to innovate in this space. However this is as fake news as it will ever get. We’ve barely scratched the surface of what relational math has to offer. Of course, there is no such thing as free lunch, so to unlock the mysteries of data, a significant focus on research is required. 

Even if you have a huge R&D budget (like Microsoft, Apple, and Google do), you still have to know what to investigate. This is what only an integrated firm like BitWise can deliver. Something that you might consider to be a very costly proposition is likely solved with an intelligent solution that saves both time and money.

Some people find problems. At BitWise, we find solutions.