Once upon a time, we had diaries — now we have blogs.

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About the Blog

So, there you have it, it’s our of sharing with you what’s going on (from a technical point of view, of course). We welcome thoughtful comments, remove the rest.

One of the main drivers behind our work at BitWise is the continuous inspiration we get from our community. We believe that working together is always more effective than anything else. That’s why we want to encourage you to participate in discussions, send us your blog articles to share, and of course to contribute and to use our github site. 

Database administers, developers, system administrators, and anyone who is #CuriousAboutData will all find insight about the latest technologies, “how to” articles, discussions about database APIs, architecture, software design, DevOps, data security, and of course, topical themes of the day.

Are you #CuriousAboutData? This is a members’ only discussion forum for any CTO, Developer, DBA, Data Engineer/Scientist — or anyone who just wants to know more about using and managing data. Members enjoy open debate, ask/ answer questions, offer opinions, expertise, and support. If your curiosity has no limits, this group is for you!