Artificial Problems. That’s True For Database Administration As Well!

Our lives are full of artificial problems. That’s true for database administration as well!
You’re #CuriousAboutData, so read on!

Let’s take an example of an artificial problem from everyday life. We might convince ourselves that we have no choice but to stay in a dead end job because … ? Well, for no reason for the most part. Actually, it is often because we lack information: if we knew that there was another company next door looking for the exact same skill set and would love to hire us away, would we still feel stuck? Of course, not!

Similarly, when it comes to database development we have many false beliefs that hold us back. Let’s look at some of them:

FALSE: Databases can not participate in DevOps processes.
Where do I even begin? Simply not true. Database objects can be stored in source control (e.g. git), they can be deployed to test environments, compared, merged, branched, you name it. There is absolutely no reason why your development process should be held hostage to antiquated notions of what can be done with databases.

FALSE: It’s not practical to write a database API in native SQL.
As a result of the above, many come to a conclusion that it’s not practical to write a database API in native SQL (whichever flavor). For some people, even knowing that they can implement a full fledged CI/CD pipeline for their database still doesn’t convince them to create an SQL API. Which is a big mistake, of course, because they pay for this emotional decision many times over with bugs, long night deployments, and limited development options.

These are just a couple of examples of very common misconceptions that people have about databases. They don’t have to hold you back.
At BitWise, we love to talk about what’s possible instead of what’s not!

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