taking a break

can a DBA take a vacation?

The crew at BitWise is enjoying a well-deserved break.

And why can we take it so easy?!

Because we took care of business before we checked out, of course!

Is there plenty of room on the disks where the databases and transaction logs reside? Check.

Are backup jobs/drives fully recoverable? Check.

Were the automated jobs reviewed? Check.

Write clients special end-of-period (month, quarter, year) notes on processes that might need special babysitting or validation and how to handle those situations? Check.

Review any SQL Agent jobs and prepare solutions? Check.

Configure database mail and SQL Agent alert notifications for high-severity error conditions? Check.

Set up on-call rotations? Check.

Ensure no code releases or other system updates? Check.

Create a Disaster Recovery (DR) runbook? Check.

Enjoy time away? inventoryCheck!!!

want to enjoy your time away as well? Give us a call.

We like people, so feel free to call or write. Humans only.

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