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do what I meant, not what I said

In today’s hypercompetitive world, everyone seems to be looking for a “super-unique” value proposition, but the truth is that there are some very old fashioned factors of success. One of them, without a doubt is — experience. Those that have it, recognize it in others; those that don’t, think it’s magic.

For example: at BitWise, we were recently contracted to create an ETL application to refresh a QA environment. Simple enough, right? Having done this a few dozen times, we already knew that the client would most likely want to have an option to load a new environment from scratch as well (not just to update an existing one).

So we created that option without having to be asked.

Fast forward to the handover meeting, and the client is wringing his hands. Smiling uncomfortably, trying to say something, but doesn’t know how.

  • What’s on your mind, Bob?

  • Well, you know, I feel terrible adding to the scope, but as we thought through it, we really need to be able to create new environments from scratch.
    Would that be a lot of work?

At Bitwise, we know from experience that if we didn’t weave this into the rest of the development process, it would have taken a significant amount of time to create just this feature, but because we built it in from the start, it took much less time and money.

  • Bob, you didn’t really think I was going to give you a system that can’t do that, did you?

  • You mean … ?

  • Of course. It’s already available and tested.

  • You guys are simply magicians!

  • We try.

There you have it folks. Life tends to repeat itself. If you’ve been around the bend before, you’re likely to see the curve coming. So, it’s not really magic, it’s just experience.

We like people, so feel free to call or write. Humans only.

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