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Murphy’s Low Or Bitwise Instead

One of the biggest advantages of working in the same company for a longer period of time is that you know the products, the development process, and the team inside out. It makes product development faster, smoother and of a better quality. But sometimes, it can get lonely.

You’re #CuriousAboutData, so read on!

Sure you have great ideas and stack overflow is there to help troubleshoot any problems that creep up.
But you always wonder: Is this really the right way? I can’t be the only one with this problem — how are others doing it?
Is there a better way to do this? Sure, you can call a friend and browse through your favorite blogs.

But Murphy’s Law — no one knows anything just when you need an answer the most.

That’s one of the reasons why BitWise clients appreciate us so much. We’ve seen hundreds of production environments, implemented many of them and supported all of them. More often than not, someone on our team will be able to say: “I saw this problem solved in such and such way in another organization.” Sometimes it’s even from the same vertical.

For example, lately we’ve been dealing with healthcare related businesses. They have their special data needs, of course. Not least of which stems from their need to be HIPAA compliant. They have to put together data from disparate systems, and some of them they may not even have an ability to modify. The list of challenges just goes on. Imagine the great feeling that an IT manager of such a company gets when they get on a phone with a BitWise specialist and hear that we’ve dealt with a similar problem before and know exactly what to do. More than that, we document everything and explain it in detail.

Another example: We had a database server that was experiencing slowness. IT tried to help, but gave up. We got on a phone with them, quickly diagnosed that it was a disk problem, but didn’t stop there. What we saw was through our DB diagnostic tools. That didn’t help IT. We now showed them proof of a disk performance problem using their own tools.
That’s something they could quickly comprehend and take action on.

We like people, so feel free to call or write. Humans only.

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