“No Man is an island”

“No man is an island” we’re told. In theory, it makes sense, but often doesn’t feel very true (certainly whoever said it didn’t have to live through a lockdown). When it comes to running an IT organization the feeling of loneliness is just several orders of magnitude stronger … You’re #CuriousAboutData, so read on!

In this industry, the best intended efforts to share information seem to fail consistently, leaving people at the mercy of stackoverflow and various forums. Obviously that’s not going help anyone. It’s gotten so bad that many are starting to believe that having a meaningful breadth of knowledge is not practically possible. People are supposed to be content with having some specialization that at least allows us to create meaningful solutions with some technology stack.

At BitWise, however, we pride ourselves on being the ultimate rebels without a cause!
So, we go deep and wide. We’re specialists, because, after all, we specialize in databases. But with that, we’re generalists because we deal with so many different relational databases.

This breadth allows us to accomplish two things for our partners/customers:

Serve as a source of fundamental (not fundamentalist) knowledge in applied database theory. When our friends want to know about how to implement ACID properties of their application, or how to add async boundaries around different processes without losing transactional capability, or how to best implement eventual consistency and so on, we’re here.

And what’s even more important, we can share what others have done without divulging any trade secrets.
Serve as a guide and a helping hand in implementing best practices. Best practices can be very theoretical and almost impractical until you’ve implemented them a few dozen times. At BitWise, we share our experience with you so that your transitions are smooth and uneventful.

Don’t be a one-man island. Call us at BitWise. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

We like people, so feel free to call or write. Humans only.

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