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We all know that we’re our own worst enemy. Yet it doesn’t seem to bother us. We continue to hold on to self-defeating beliefs.

These beliefs come in many flavors, but by far the worst are those that have to do with our ability to learn new things (behavioral or intellectual).

Mythbusters that we are, BitWise set out to
level the playing field for everyone.

Many clients have (erroneous) reservations about hiring outside consultants to do database work because they feel that the internal team will fall behind and not be able to support the system – and their company will be dependent on external resources.

At BitWise, we have created a comprehensive training program that teaches your designated employees everything they need to know about supporting production databases.

So how does BitWise do it?

We spend a lot of time understanding knowledge transfer, information classification and other abstract topics that enable us to break everything down to the simplest units and to identify the proper sequence that it needs to be presented to a person.

Plus, we bring decades of experience with virtually every kind of database and problem – from annoying everyday problems, to emergencies – to creative, advanced problem-solving solutions. Most of all? At BitWise, we really love igniting the spark of knowledge and seeing your staff take on challenges and create solutions they never thought they were capable of.

Not for nothing do we call ourselves an R&D shop.
Want to know more about our educational programs? Would like to create your own?

We like people, so feel free to call or write. Humans only.

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