what could be better than innocence?

Innocence is bliss. If you just work in one company, that’s your world and you’re complete. All your conflicts and dilemmas are unique and personal. But if you’re a BitWise consultant, and you work with 5-6 different organizations in any given week, you start seeing patterns.

Things repeat themselves. People hire you to fix something, but have no real desire to have it fixed. It’s just ego and blame games. Sometimes you have to struggle to remember who said the exact same phrase in which company. Innocence really takes a hit. Cynicism sets in. It’s always the same. People don’t learn, or don’t care. Does it even matter?

It’s a tough psychological situation to be in, and many consulting companies succumb to it. They no longer care about being effective, rather they concentrate on justifying their presence. I don’t blame them. How does BitWise handle it? After all, one of the main reasons this company was started was to battle the pro-forma waste of time and to make a real difference. Are we fighting windmills? How do we hope to succeed against overwhelming odds?

The answer is simply – logic and scientific experimentation. Come up with a logical thesis, test it, iterate.

Let’s have a quick walkthrough:

Q. Everyone wants to be sipping margaritas on their lunch break because everything is running so smoothly. Can we identify what is preventing people from accomplishing that goal?

A. Yes, across the board those factors are always the same :

  1. Lack of knowledge about possible solutions

  2. Lack of ability to troubleshoot the existing problems

  3. Lack of training on proper Dev and DevOps processes

  4. Bad communication

You probably want to know: Does it work? It sure does. That’s what Innocence 2.0 is about. At BitWise, we maintain our youthful enthusiasm and the drive to change the world, and couple it with actual strategies for effective delivery.

We like people, so feel free to call or write. Humans only.

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